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We are a full service Auto Repair shop.  Our customers come to us for their routine maintenance and for complex auto repair jobs.  Whatever you need in auto repair, we have the expertise and the experience to do it right and with a Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty!



When the Check Engine Light is illuminated, the vehicle may perform normally or it may experience issues such as poor acceleration, a rough idle, stalling, and/or poor fuel economy. In some cases, the vehicle may misfire and the Check Engine Light may flash on and off. Whenever the Check Engine Light comes on, it is important to have a Check Engine Light Diagnosis.

A Check Engine Light Diagnosis involves special computer system scan tools, fuel pressure and electronic testing equipment, specialized technician training, and even licensing in many states. Merely retrieving a code and trying a part, without a Check Engine Light Diagnosis, will do little to repair the problem and may even damage expensive emission control system components.



A vehicle's electrical system is a combination of the charging, starting, computer, ignition, and lighting systems.

The heart of a car's electrical system is the alternator, which keeps the battery charged. Together, they supply all of the electrical needs of the vehicle. Our Technicians can diagnose  and fix any electrical problem you might be having.



The engine is a mechanical device designed to convert chemical energy (fuel) into kinetic energy (motion), which powers your vehicle.
Almost all vehicles (including hybrids) use internal combustion engines that burn fuel. In an internal combustion engine, air and fuel are ignited inside a cylinder and the pressure that is created forces pistons to move up and down. This rotates the crankshaft, which delivers power to the wheels via the drivetrain.

Having issues with your... Camshaft, piston, cylinder head, oil pump, valve, timing belt and other engine issues?  Bring your car in we'll diagnose the problem and fix it for you.



The clutch system is very important for vehicles especially in switching gears. Regardless of whether the vehicle has self adjusting or a manually-operated clutch system, it's important that such component is well kept. 



On vehicles with Disc Brakes (which is the vast majority), there is a metal disc called a rotor. When the brakes are applied, the brake pads are forced against the brake rotor, which will slow or stop your vehicle.

The Brake Drum fits over the brake shoes and rotates at wheel speed. When the brakes are applied, the brake shoes are forced against the inside of the brake drum, which causes the brake drum to stop rotating. This is what slows down and stops your vehicle.

Symptoms of Wear or Failure:

-Grinding and/or scraping noise when brake is applied
-Excessive brake pedal travel
-Brakes "grab" when applied, causing one or both rear wheels to skid

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wrench, car tools, car repair
Phone, call
wrench, car tools, car repair
phone, call
wrench, car tools, car repair
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